Wednesday, 9 January 2019


As a Professional Instructor  in floral education, the flower school Love to be Green 'Floral Design Workshops' is committed to sustainable business practices and alternative floral design methods that are beautiful, effective and environmentally aware.

It is our responsibility to teach new Learners and experienced Learners the correct floristry techniques and industry practices, most importantly putting emphasis on environmentally friendly methods and resources.

Sunday, 16 December 2018


Susan Hodges is the owner of Love to be Green Florists in Newton Abbot,South Devon. A qualified Florist and Qualified Tutor she has taught City & Guilds Courses in the subjects of Interior Floral Design/Floristry/ Flower Arranging as well as various non accredited Floral Courses for Devon Council-

Adult Education Centre in Newton Abbot.

Susan's style and floristry experience are complemented by her excellent teaching methods and ability to communicate processes and techniques in a calm, patient and concise way.
Classes are a reasonable size and friendly with lots of individual attention and suitable for a variety of skill sets.

All sessions include a Tutor demonstration with step by step instructions. In many cases a teaching assistant will be present at the session.Numbers are STRICTLY limited at each
class (unless otherwise stated ie.- team building exercise) to enable us to give each individual participant plenty of support, guidance and attention.We aim to make the sessions a unique
learning experience for the Learners.
Workshops and courses are constantly updated to reflect changing trends and techniques.
Just let us know if you would like to go onto our 2019 mailing list.

Tel: Sue 01626 200767

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

'Possibly' 100% Biodegradable Casket Spray

My tips for mechanics,however this might inspire you to move the idea forward to design your own eco friendly casket spray.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

   Our 'blog' 
A  few simple and pocket friendly tips for floral decor for the workplace,home or for gifts- 

Rose Petals  & Lavender-

While still fresh, how about  picking the flowers and leaving the petals on a tray in this 'free hot sun' we are having and you will create a lovely potpourri mix.
Just remember to keep turning the petals while they are drying,this helps to dry them more quickly and evenly.
When dried place them in small sachets for Christmas Gifts or in a decorative bowl to enjoy their fragrance.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Dress up your old glass tumblers with pretty lace edging that ties in with your wedding colours.

Wrap empty glass jars with pretty crochet doilies  and hold in place around the top edge with elastic faux pearl bracelets,or elastic bands if hidden under doily edging.

More FREE flowery ideas to come next month!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Creative Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Just for Fun 'FREE' online 'FAST FLORALS' - instructions on quick and easy flower arranging ideas for the summer in the form of simple step by step tutorials.


Materials required:

mdf or hardboard
3 empty jam jars -various or small glass vases
craft glue or double sided tape
florists ribbon-can be purchased from craft suppliers.
various satin and fabric ribbon offcuts
florists bullion wire-to add sparkle and helps hold ribbon taught
short lengths of raffia.
Small selection of garden flowers.
'optional' - decorative fine wool 

1. Source some hardboard or mdf.To accommodate 3 jars of flowers,approx measurement 50cms length  / 15cms wide / 12mm.thickness.

2. Cover with wide florists ribbon in the one colour of your choice.Glue one end of wide florist ribbon in place at the BACK of your board.Begin to wind up and down length of base.
Keep it taught,keep winding the ribbon around the board to completely cover it.

3. Once your base colour is complete-(in the photo it is ivory) choose various narrow ribbons to wind around your covered board.Using the same method which is gluing end of narrow ribbon onto the BACK of your board.Continue with other colours.
Please remember to keep your winding taught.

4.This is where the fun starts and you will see the lovely colour combinations you can make.After winding the ribbons of your choice,if you have wool or bullion wire,finish your board by winding this around too.

5.Don't forget that all the ribbon offcuts van be used for decorating the jam jars too.A raffia bow adds a rustic finishing touch.Add your selection of 'just picked' flowers.
This completes the finished design for your garden,I'm sure you will have many compliments from  family and friends .

If you re feeling adventurous in your creativity, make more than one board,perfect for a long trestle table for a garden style wedding or special event.


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Wednesday, 28 June 2017



Your City & Guilds Qualified Adult Education Tutor 

Susan Hodges

  • Owner of 'Love to be Green Florist' business with vast experience in the
     wedding & event planning industry.
  • Has more than 8 years of teaching Interior Floral Design/Floristry /Flower Arranging for Devon County Council-accredited and non-accredited courses.
  • Has Designed  and held independent Floristry and Floral Art workshops in Torquay and Newton Abbot.
  • Has been invited to participate as a Floral Art judge at local shows and events.
  • Has been to participate as a Floral Art Demonstrator at numerous Flower Clubs and Horticulture Groups in Devon.

Susan is the perfect tutor for the following classes and will be inspiring you with her wealth of knowledge!

Due to the popularity of our classes in Floristry and Floral Design classes which we have held in the quaint village of Kingskerswell, Love to be Green Florists  have decided to expand our workshops to the beautiful area of Bovey Tracey.